About Fraunhofer in the UK


Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft has a global network of successful research and technology centres. These provide applied R and D services to each country's industrial base, developing new products and processes.  The global network gives access to expertise in many technologies, helping international trade and collaboration.  

Fraunhofer UK Research Ltd, a legally independet affiliate, has several key roles:

  • to support the sustainable success of Fraunhofer CAP (the first UK Fraunhofer Centre, the Centre for Applied Photonics)
  • provide the top-level marketing, HR, IP, accounting and legal functions for UK based Fraunhofer Centre activities.
  • to provide a central point of contact in the UK for the Fraunhofer global network, establishing links in and out of UK and German industry and science base.
  • to support new links between UK and Germany, leading to the creation of new centres.