UK German linkages and future UK Centres

Please contact Fraunhofer UK if you are interested in building links between the UK and Germany.  We are interested in hearing from companies, universities and other RTO's in the UK and in Germany.

How can we help with your partnerships? How can we help with your supply chains? How can we help you find good partners in UK or Germany for H2020 and other projects?  Our excellent connections across the UK and Germany are there to help you.

Whilst many UK universities are interested in establishing a Fraunhofer Centre at their university, there are many criteria to meet before this would be approved. The science and engineering must of course be of very high quality, there must be UK industrial need, funding must be found and there must be a partner Institute in Germany.  We would be delighted to help you on that journey and for many the first step will be working together on projects with Fraunhofer Institutes in Germany, to build up a mutual understanding and finding complementary strengths.