Fraunhofer IAF

Fraunhofer CAP has a key partnership with Fraunhofer IAF, the Institute for Solid-state Physics (Freiburg, Germany), which enables us to work together to help industry in the UK, Germany and across Europe.

Fraunhofer IAF has pioneering expertise in semiconductor laser, LED research as well as infrared detectors and sources. Other key capabilities include GaN power electronics, mm-wave circuits and CVD diamond technology. The world-leading III-V semiconductor R&D and fabrication facilities at Fraunhofer IAF combine with Fraunhofer CAP’s design and novel laser source development knowledge and experience, to produce leading-edge products.

Fraunhofer CAP and Fraunhofer IAF work together on a range of European funded projects, such as Horizon 2020 frameworks, and we have helped create new links and new project support for innovative UK and German companies.

Staff at Fraunhofer CAP and Fraunhofer IAF have years of experience working together to create new photonics based systems, for sensing applications in particular, with complementary expertise in source and detector development and sensing algorithms.

Together we offer a wide range of services to the UK, German and European industry, ranging from applied research and development projects into components, sources, detectors and full demonstration systems to meet your company’s needs.