Fraunhofer Network

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As part of the global Fraunhofer network the remit of Fraunhofer CAP is to deliver professional R&D services in the UK. We also provide a clear point of entry for UK industry to the wider Fraunhofer network in Germany and beyond.

We are also able to assist German companies who wish to create partnerships in the UK. We are well connected to a wide network of companies, Universities, Catapults and other RTO's.

Alongside our existing strategic partnership with Fraunhofer IAF, Fraunhofer CAP engages with other Fraunhofer Institutes. This is facilitiated by, for example, the Fraunhofer Light and Surfaces group in Germany, this includes renowned institutes, such as Fraunhofer ILT (Aachen) and Fraunhofer IOF (Jena) and have we have further contacts throughout the entire network. Our most recent H2020 project also includes Fraunhofer IPMS (Dresden) as a partner.

If you have any questions on how Fraunhofer can be of benefit to you either as a partner for your R&D requirements, or if you require information on capabilities or contacts within the Fraunhofer network, or the UK please contact us and we will be happy to help.